OsteoReady Implants Westerville, Ohio

OsteoReady Implants Westerville, Ohio

In addition to mini implants and Zirconia implants, Dr. Shankland is really excited about introducing OsteoReady implants into his selection of implants. Like mini implants, OsteoReady implants are minimally invasive meaning no incisions or sutures are usually required. However, unlike mini implants, OsteoReady implants are larger and generally anchor the implant deeper and more stable than mini implants.

Being minimally invasive, there’s very little healing time and little post-operative discomfort. Most patients require only Ibuprofen if they require any pain medication at all.

OsteoReady implant can be used to replace single teeth, to secure a removable partial denture or a complete denture. Once placed, the top of the implant and its crown can be place in only four months.

Being shorter than conventional implants, OsteoReady implants can be safely used when the inferior alveolar nerve might be an issue with conventional implants or if a lifting of the maxillary sinus may have been recommended.

Dr. Shankland is very excited about this hybrid (combination of a mini implant with a conventional implant) implant. He and his staff have successfully placed many OsteoReady implants and if you might need an implant, make an appointment for a free consultation to see if an OsteoReady implant might be right for you.

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