Ceramic Implants westerville ohio

Ceramic Implants Westerville, Ohio

Titanium implants have been used for decades worldwide to replace missing teeth or to secure loose or ill-fitting dentures. Recently, ceramic, or non-metallic, implants have been approved by the US FDA.

Zirconia (Ceramic) Implants

Ceramic or zirconia implants are hypoallergenic and some people have allergies to metals of all types. Ceramic implants are a wonderful alternative.

One problem that frequently arises with titanium implants is one of esthetics. Patients with thin, translucent gums or those who are prone to gum recession (as are many aging people) may end up with the gray gums or titanium from conventional or mini implants showing around the margin of the crown. Since zirconia is non-metallic and white, it is much more natural looking than titanium. It’s a perfect base color that closely mimics what nature created in the first place.

Also, because zirconia does not conduct an electrical charge is a wonderful benefit, as opposed to metal implants. Bacterial growth on the surface of a zirconia implant is far less likely to adhere to the implant due to its non-conductivity, thus creating an oral environment that promotes much healthier gingival tissues.

If you're considering an implant, consult with Dr. Shankland and his staff concerning maybe having him place a zirconia implant.

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